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but nothing really weird happened, just boring stuff and I just couldn't set my mind to do anything worth mention. Don't you just hate days like that. I feel so useless. All I could do was drink coffee and annoy Jane. When I started out doing something my mind would wander and I end up surfing on the net instead, but with no goal. Cases was piling up on my desk, but it didn't bother me one bit. Let's hope things are back to normal tomorrow :-/

Still no news about the new apartment. I'm getting a little annoyed actually. I can see it from my window and there is no one living there, so couldn't I just move in now and then that was that...*sigh* I really set my mind up to this....*stamps foot* get on with it will ya !!

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I love it. The snow, the cold weather, the silence that comes with snow....why wasn't I born a penguin ??? anyway it seems that it will be over before it has begun, so I better make the best of it the next few days. Louis ...the cat...doesn't like it one bit. Right now he is laying on my bed with two blankets over him and very close to the radiator. In a moment I think he is done...*sniffs the air* When he was younger he use to play in the snow, but now I can't get him out of the door. Yesterday I had to carry him outside. Then run for the door, so he wouldn't follow me in again. *sigh* 5 minuets later he would throw himself at the door until I opened and then give me one of those looks only a cat can give you. Right now I think I'm forgiven though.

Back at work today after a small off work period because of my mum's birthday, which btw went really well. Me and Jane have been crazy today, so little has been done, but we had a good time. Tomorrow I have the long duty and the mail..*sigh* and no Jane since it's her day off. Anyway it's probably for the best.

Now I think it's time for a little "Little Britain" and then I think I will curl up on the bed together with Louis.

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