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Nov. 18th, 2005 08:08 pm
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Don't you just love it, when you wake up and you open your mailbox there's another chapter of one of your favorite AU Will/Liam in there ?? Hmmm or maybe it's just me ;-P

Anyway yesterday was turned out to be a very active day. Cleaning the house, which was way overdue and while cleaning I'd listen to some more of the music Gry gave me. I love Gothminister. Even though I can't help laugh a little at the lyrics. Sometimes they are a bit childish. Like "I'm just a little girl sitting here drawing evil things." But I like the sound of them.

Flesh way...they make my wanna crawl out of my skin...argh..the so "ugly" so Gry no more of that for me ;-) On the other hand The Retorsic ...yes please..they're good and the music kinda flow into you and leave you there with a good feeling. Rotersand...huh...??? I think I have to listen to some more of that. They are interesting and you don't really know where you got them.

And then I began reading "Vampire Vow" by Michael Schiefelbein. About Victor Decimus former Roman officer under Pontius Pilate. Very amusing so fare. What stroke me the most was the very "colorful" language. Almost like reading fan fiction. So I guess I'm on common ground here.

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Jan. 17th, 2005 05:55 pm
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Well did I now...isn't it the other way around...??

The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I figured out that the sky is blue and that grass is green.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

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but my sorry ass wont lift from it's seat and throw itself to bed. So I'm sitting here reading my flist and in between reads a little fic, which I seem to do quite often recently. Should I be worried...nah...I don't think so...I just need a little time off from my exhausting everyday life.

Watched 9½ weeks last night. I had forgotten, what that movie meant to me and it was funny watching it again. My first introduction to the darker side of sex...LOL...and Mickey...damn was he once a hottie...oh yes. When the girls in my class had Rob Lowe on their bed room walls I had Mickey Rourke. Hmmmm and look what Hollywood did for that fellow....damn..not good.

Okay Louis is demanding food...for new readers..that's my cat.

Sleep tight boys and girls :-)


New icon

Dec. 1st, 2004 08:51 pm
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Manips and text made by the lovely [ profile] falcons319

Thanks for letting me use this *blows kisses*

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and here she is just dropping by to say hey...and I'll update soon and I still love you all and I miss you like crazy  [ profile] setje
where are you....*bites nails*

Okay gotta go. The seasons first Christmas dinner is heading my way and yes you read that right.

*hugs all around* take care
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slash is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Good day

Nov. 23rd, 2004 09:08 pm
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without too much headache as I seem to have a lot of lately. Since things started to go wrong...I mean with my brother and my family in whole. I'm grateful for the days, where I can say, this has been an okay day. I seem to focus a lot on the negative stuff going on in my life and shut my eyes for the positive things. I must learn to see more positive on things even though the things that are positive can be very small. It has an affect. I'm sure.

So today after work I walk down to "Søsterne Greene" to buy some stuff for our Christmas Calender at work. I actually hate that shop, because there's always so much people and it get's crowded very easy. But today I took a deep breath and went in and came out with too many things. And it wasn't that bad. Go me. So now I have bought all my small gifts for Christmas.

Oh and one of "the girls" made an incredible manip of Angel and Spike and she's making me an icon to use of it...YAYAYAYAYAY...

So all in all a pretty nice day :-)

love you *hugs*

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oh and I'm a boy again. At least my hair looks like a boys cut..cut..cut and I love it. Can't have RedLily running around with "dingy" hair color no red said the girl ;-)

Great birthday at Karin's yesterday. Her mum and dad were there and Lone, whom I hadn't seen in eagers. One of Karin's co-workers. She's kinda okay, but a little loud...hmmm did I said that. Anyway it was nice seeing her again. Karin and Jan are going to New York today. They were supposed to fly to London, but they change their minds in the last minute. Lucky bastards.

Sarah back in business today after a long needed vacation. And she bought me this really sweet chicken. Our black office is now invaded by 2 chickens and four rubber ducks. I tell you it's a really weird place. Oh and a poster of JM, 2 of the LotR cast and one Spiderman. YAY Our own private geek office. She seems to be doing well. She's happy. I'm happy for her.

So tonight. hmmmm big choices. Should I "work" a little on my Spike SIMS...he is such a bastard. Or should I read a little...hmmmm I think reading will do the trick. I just can't handle that bastard tonight...hehehe...

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and yesterday it snowed ....YAY I love snow..yeah yeah I know I'm not 10 anymore, but just the sight of the first snowflakes makes me go Yippeeeee. The world looks so clean well at least out here in the countryside without too much airpolution. And it's almost christmas !! Okay i stop now :-)

Going to Karin's birthday today. Her birthday isn't really before Friday, but she's going to London next week (lucky bastard) so she won't be home. I guess all her family will be there. I like seeing these people. Makes me think back on the happy days we had together in the mid 80, where I practical lived with Karin. Funny how things have change since that.

So yesterday evening was spend with my Angel and Spike Sim...I know I have no life..and I took a lot of pictures, which I wanted to show you, but they were too small and dark...HMPF...must try to do something about that. Oh and I made Spike too moody, so he's yelling at Angel all the time. LOL...guess that's not so fare from the "real" thing then...*shrugs*

Oh and I wan't full reports on the concert yesterday hear...!! ;-P

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Could this cover BE more perfect....!!! HOT DAMN....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Long time since I even consider working on some of my fanfics, but I feel that the plot bunnies are beginning to bite again. I haven't the slightest idea why, but my guess is that it keeps me from going absolutely insane. Being all court up in myself these days and constantly thinking on how does this feel and how does that feel and do I feel this now....ARGH...reading and writing has saved me many times. It's kinda like a defense mechanism.

Miss Sarah at work these days and I can't help thinking about hows she's doing. One work day and I'm off to work course. It should be fun and one of the teachers is so yummie...LOL oh dear...there she goes again. Aaaaaanyway. Two days on the school bench I can't say that that is something I look forward too. The last 3 hours of a course day I'm on the edge of my seat. Must remember to take notebook with me for all my fanfic ideas, which are bound to come up on days like these.

I don't know why but I would so like to see that Alien vs Predator movie. I love Alien..I know I have bad taste in creatures...I just thought it might be fun *shrugs* Long time since I've been to the movies. At one time me and Marianne wen't all the time and now nothing. I guess we have had a lot of other things on our minds these last couple of weeks.

Rammstein on Saturday....not going....wish I was....have a great concert all of you going. *sniff*



Nov. 16th, 2004 08:20 pm
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You Are From the Moon

You can vibe with the steady rhythms of the Moon.
You're in touch with your emotions and intuition.
You possess a great, unmatched imagination - and an infinite memory.
Ultra-sensitive, you feel at home anywhere (or with anyone).
A total healer, you light the way in the dark for many.

Lunch quiz

Nov. 16th, 2004 12:54 pm
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You are 60% Libra

Strange I always considered myself 100% Libra...hmmmmm *shrugs*


Nov. 14th, 2004 06:42 pm
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so inspired by Kent I moved things around in my bedroom today. That is I'm still facing away from the rest of the apartment when it comes to my com, because the room is too small for other options. I have moved my bed, so it's standing the way it was before I painted the room. I found myself tossing and turning for the last couple of months and I thought, that it might have something to do with the placing of the bed. Looking at it now it looks so much cooler and there is more harmony in the room. I think I was thinking too much about changing, that nothing should be like "old times" so I forgot what looked the best and forgot about the harmony in the room and how much that mean to me. It also resulted in, that I now have one more poster with David in my room and that is always a good solution ;-)

Yesterday me and my mum wen't for a little trip to Bilka. I couldn't handle life without a DVD player, so I hope this one last a little longer, than the other one and at least now I know, where the receipt is. On the bad site..I lost my key, while in there...good thing my mum was with me or else I would have been stuck.

Work day tomorrow. Sarah has a vacation, so I'm gonna be all alone in the black room. That is I'm going on a course Thursday and Friday with Merete. Should be fun. I need to experience something new, when it come to work related things.

Oh and this is me.....and kinda scary how accurate it is....ARGH....

And I better go eat something.

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Good things: I have been fighting my own battles like everyone else. I have come a long way since my last meeting. I'm able to take care of myself now.

Bad things: Mum is still a big problem. Haven't really moved in the area. Anger, sadness and guilt.

Have to work on those things some more. Therefore a new meeting was set.

Have a headache now, but my shoulders are back in place. Nice :-)

Sorry for not commenting on you entries...too tired. I read them and been thinking a lot about Gry today. Hope everything wen't okay.

*hugs* I love you guys.



Nov. 8th, 2004 08:41 pm
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My sister-in-law has been diagnosed with diabetes today. It's gonna be tough for her. She loves food and sweet things. My mother is gonna have a talk with her tonight. She knows a great deal about the disease, because she has been working in a kitchen at an elderly-home for about 20 years. I hope she will be able to give her some support.

I don't know why, but I've been in a strange Christmas mood all day. I love Christmas and I guess the dark and the lights in the street already around 4 pm made me almost sing out "Jingle bells" in a public place. HA...!! Bought my first Christmas gift today also. Me and my mother are going with Merete and her husband to see Niels Hausgaard in Glas salen in Copenhagen. We talk about it last year, but nothing was done. Merete came and asked me today and 1, 2, 3 ..the tickets was bought. I know she's gonna love it. She loves him as much as I do.

Read Jenny new fic yesterday. I LOVED IT....damn that I mean YAY that girl. I'm so happy she choose to write about this pairing the day she decided to write slash. I know I'm babbling about her again, but she is my heroine :-) The way she makes Angel and Spike interact. It's breath taking....okay ...I stop....heeee

Amalie and Ditte watch your mail boxes...!!

Oh and I'm getting pictures tomorrow from the con...YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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[ profile] stir_of_echoes

Gah.....David in those pants..................guh...............thanks for letting me pimp this :-)


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